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Exploring the Tango – The Art of Dance

The Art of the Tango Dance

Tango is a romantic, mysterious type of dance which originated in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Originally, it came from the working class neighborhoods. It was developed so that couples dancing it could move across a crowded dance floor. It gained worldwide popularity during World War I, and then flourished through the middle of the 1930s.

There is some speculation that the tango was created by the Italians who lived in the southern part of the city of Buenos Aires. It eventually migrated to Uruguay. When Buenos Aires was a wealthy city it attracted young men looking for their fortunes. They learned the dance as a way to attract potential mates and often learned the dance by practicing it with one another first.

By the middle 1950s, the dance was forced to go underground. Anyone found dancing it was prosecuted. Today, the dance flourishes again around the world.

Romantic Connection

The dance is a couple’s dance where the dancers connect to one another while stepping to the beat of the music sometimes in double-time steps. Dance movements involve one partner moving another almost off the floor as they change directions which sometimes appear to be at random intervals.

The basic step is called the ‘ocho cortado’ and it is traditionally danced to music played by a Troilo orchestra.

Benefits of Dance

The dance itself is reinterpreted today all over the world in dance halls and dance studios. Students of the dance often approach it as a form of dancing yoga or Tai Chi as it is literally a dance that comes from a person’s own energy and feeling.

The dance works for anyone whether they are emotional, creative or even pragmatic. Dancers can approach it as artistic or they can be somewhat technical about their movements along the floor. Dancers learn to use their bodies with their partners in the ultimate expression of individual passion. It is good exercise both for the body and the mind.

The tango dance is done with certain rules of etiquette. Make sure you and your partner dance in the line other dancers are going in which is counter clockwise. On a crowded dance floor, it is bad manners to do any big movements that could hurt another couple by accident.

Tango provides a great form of exercise as well as self-expression. It is ideal for anyone whether they are introverted or not and can be tailored by an individual to their own personality.


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