How to Get New Cleaning Clients Faster

Ways To Get New Commercial Cleaning Clients

Running a cleaning business can be very lucrative, but you might be struggling to get new commercial clients. If you generally complete residential cleaning then getting your first commercial clients can be hard. However, there are a number of methods that you can use to increase your commercial client base. Seeking out a proven business coach may provide insight into faster ways to get new cleaning clients, as well.


Look At Your Current Clients

The first step you should take is to look at the clients you currently have. If you have residential clients and have a good relationship with them, you could mention that you also do commercial cleaning. If they have their own offices they could be willing to take you on to clean their commercial properties as well.

You can also ask your residential clients if they are willing to take your flyer to the person in charge of facilities in their office. While your clients might not be willing, if they are it could lead to new commercial customers.

Send Marketing Information To Small Businesses

If you have a small operation you should start by targeting small businesses. Small businesses are less likely to hire a large facility management company and would be willing to take you on as their cleaning service. Having marketing materials available is important and you should send this to the small businesses in your area. It is recommended that you include a letter with the materials introducing yourself and tell the company more about the services that you offer.

You may need to send this information a few times before you get any response and this is normal. However, if you do not get a response after sending the information approximately 5 times then you should move on from the company.

Have A Marketing Strategy

One of the best ways to consistently get new commercial clients is to have a multi-faceted marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy should include going to networking events, blogging, inexpensive paid advertising and direct mailing. The key to a successful marketing strategy is to not bombard your potential clients as this can make them less likely to use your services.

A part of your marketing strategy that you also need to focus on is your website and SEO. Focus on ranking for local searches as this is a good way of getting people to see that your business is open and running.

Getting good reviews from your current clients is important as good reviews will help you rank better.