How to Get New Cleaning Clients Faster

Ways To Get New Commercial Cleaning Clients

Running a cleaning business can be very lucrative, but you might be struggling to get new commercial clients. If you generally complete residential cleaning then getting your first commercial clients can be hard. However, there are a number of methods that you can use to increase your commercial client base. Seeking out a proven business coach may provide insight into faster ways to get new cleaning clients, as well.


Look At Your Current Clients

The first step you should take is to look at the clients you currently have. If you have residential clients and have a good relationship with them, you could mention that you also do commercial cleaning. If they have their own offices they could be willing to take you on to clean their commercial properties as well.

You can also ask your residential clients if they are willing to take your flyer to the person in charge of facilities in their office. While your clients might not be willing, if they are it could lead to new commercial customers.

Send Marketing Information To Small Businesses

If you have a small operation you should start by targeting small businesses. Small businesses are less likely to hire a large facility management company and would be willing to take you on as their cleaning service. Having marketing materials available is important and you should send this to the small businesses in your area. It is recommended that you include a letter with the materials introducing yourself and tell the company more about the services that you offer.

You may need to send this information a few times before you get any response and this is normal. However, if you do not get a response after sending the information approximately 5 times then you should move on from the company.

Have A Marketing Strategy

One of the best ways to consistently get new commercial clients is to have a multi-faceted marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy should include going to networking events, blogging, inexpensive paid advertising and direct mailing. The key to a successful marketing strategy is to not bombard your potential clients as this can make them less likely to use your services.

A part of your marketing strategy that you also need to focus on is your website and SEO. Focus on ranking for local searches as this is a good way of getting people to see that your business is open and running.

Getting good reviews from your current clients is important as good reviews will help you rank better.


Tips For Managing a Cleaning Business

Do you currently own and manage a cleaning business?

There are a lot of intricacies involved with managing a cleaning business. In order to manage a cleaning business successfully, you are going to want to be sure that you have the proper tools and strategies in place. Below, we will be going over some of the key tips to manage one successfully.

Develop Systems

The main thing that you will want to do in order to ensure that you are able to manage your business as effectively and efficiently as possible is to develop systems. By developing systems, you should be able to minimize redundancies and really improve the overall level of efficiency of your business. Systems will provide you with proper structure that you can use to work much more consistently and allow you to create a company that is going to continue to run just as well if you are not present. This is not only going to help in the short run, but it can make the business much more attractive if you were to put it on the market in the future.

Focus On The Customer Experience

When it comes to managing your cleaning business, you want to be certain that you are completely focused on the customer experience. The customer experience should be a primary concern because you want to be sure that you are not only able to establish a good reputation, but also that you are able to retain your customers and clients that you do gain.

Use Software

When it comes to managing just about any kind of business in today’s digital age, you are also going to want to make sure that you are using the right kinds of software in order to really maximize your returns and efficiency. By using a good central software to handle everything from customer relationship management to billing, you should be able to really increase the overall level of efficiency you are able to achieve.

Focus On a Niche

You cannot be everything to everyone in the cleaning business. Try to narrow down your focus and really find a key niche that you can take care of. By doing this, you should be able to maximize your effectiveness and saturation within the marketplace.

Overall, there is a lot that you are going to need to consider when it comes to managing your cleaning business. By focusing on the tips above, you should be able to really increase the level of efficiency and effectiveness that you are able to achieve. By focusing on the end customer’s experience, you are going to be able to maximize your ability to satisfy their needs and really achieve better business management.


Employee Performance Reviews

5 Positive Things You Can Do During Your Employee Performance Review Evaluations

Employee performance reviews are never fun, be they quarterly or annually. Your flaws and mistakes in your work will be pointed out, as well as areas where management wants to see you grow, even if you think you can’t, or their expectations are beyond your natural personality and talents. Still, it’s good to make the most of the situation, whether you want to survive the occasion without too much damage to your confidence or even perhaps shine a little.

Keep reading to learn 6 positive things you can do during your employee performance review to shine bright even when uncomfortable under the microscope of attention.

What kind of cog you are in the larger wheel?

Mention what your direct superiors and subordinates do, as well as mention the responsibilities of your immediate professional acquaintances: Managers, supervisors, and business owners and leaders of all stripes love employees that not only can do a good job in the role they are in but also know where they fit in within the larger organization. When you mention knowledge of the parts those immediately around you play, you show that you understand exactly what kind of cog you are in the larger wheel.

Discuss Goals

Remember the goals set from your hiring or the last round of employment performance reviews: This not only demonstrates that you think of your working here as a career more than just a job, it also is your chance to show that you have grown as an employee. Pointing out how much improvement you’ve made on previous goals can get managers to seriously tone down their criticism.

Suggest goals for yourself: Your performance reviewers will set goals for you if left to their own devices, and they likely already have a few in mind. However, they might not be realistic, or they could just be the same goals they try and challenge everyone to do. If you can, inject a goal or two of your own into the conversation.

Stick to the Facts

Have facts to back yourself up: Anything you can quantify or point out with statistics, be it a conversion rate on prospects, higher attendance, less sick days, or anything else measurable is great to have in your corner. Numbers don’t lie, and while statistics can be twisted and interpreted, they’re always hard to dismiss or argue with.

Show you are ‘Promotion Material’

Illustrate what skills you have that your superiors need in their jobs and daily duties: Even if a performance review feels like something that is looking at your past work, it’s still an analysis of your skills, performance, and experience as an employee. Show your superiors that already have some of what it takes to do higher-level jobs, and they’ll start seeing you as promotion material.

Check out this funny video on performance reviews, guaranteed to make you chuckle!


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The Universal Appeal of Dance Binds Cultures Together

Dance is perhaps the most powerful form of performing arts that has its roots in visual arts.

The power of communication through dance is so strong that it wins hearts everywhere.

It has the rare ability to reach people poetically and energetically. The beauty of any dance form is that it is both primitive and sophisticated. This can be mostly observed in contemporary dance that does not emerge from any set vocabulary. The language of contemporary dance is specific to every piece of dance that is created.

It has to be discovered and established so that it creates the link between the primitive and the modern.

Dance has transcended through ages among different cultures, and has been used for emotional expression. It involves rhythmic physical movements of the body that may be accompanied by music. It is also performed for social interaction and exercise. Spiritual settings of dance are also common in many cultures. Ideas are conveyed through dance and it often tells stories. It is a form of entertainment that is also pursued as profession by many.

How different cultures are interconnected through dance is highlighted in this post that talks about some popular dance forms.



Ballroom dance emerged during the Renaissance in Italy, and its popularity spread across Europe and America in no time. The Waltz is the most prominent ballroom dance that has withstood the test of time. Waltz has a long history that goes back to the middle of the 19th century when it was first introduced. The slow paced yet extremely graceful dance, involving two persons, a male and a female, gained immense popularity. Thanks to the efforts of the great music composer Johann Strauss. The original Italian Waltz is much faster (180 beats per minute) than the slow English Waltz.


This is a major Indian classical dance form that has its roots in Northern India. The nomadic bards of ancient times were proponents of this dance form. The bards were known as Kathakars, from where the name of the dance has originated. Kathakar means story tellers, and this establishes the fact how dance form is used to tell stories. Dance traits from Central Asia and Persia were fused with Kathak since the 16th century. The dance form is quite complex and conveys some meaning and message through the movements. It can be performed solo or in a group.


Yangko Dance

This Chinese dance is performed during the Lantern Festival. This traditional folk dance is a part of Chinese culture and is performed by a group of dancers. Colorful costumes and rhythmic body movements are its main attraction. This thousand-year-old dance has evolved with time and the latest version was introduced in the late forties.




This fifteenth century Italian dance form has been made more famous by the Russians as it evolved into a concert dance. It is popular and practiced all over the world. The dance is performed to musical orchestra and songs. It involves a lot of acrobatic movements and the dance form is quite complex.



Exploring the Tango – The Art of Dance

The Art of the Tango Dance

Tango is a romantic, mysterious type of dance which originated in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Originally, it came from the working class neighborhoods. It was developed so that couples dancing it could move across a crowded dance floor. It gained worldwide popularity during World War I, and then flourished through the middle of the 1930s.

There is some speculation that the tango was created by the Italians who lived in the southern part of the city of Buenos Aires. It eventually migrated to Uruguay. When Buenos Aires was a wealthy city it attracted young men looking for their fortunes. They learned the dance as a way to attract potential mates and often learned the dance by practicing it with one another first.

By the middle 1950s, the dance was forced to go underground. Anyone found dancing it was prosecuted. Today, the dance flourishes again around the world.

Romantic Connection

The dance is a couple’s dance where the dancers connect to one another while stepping to the beat of the music sometimes in double-time steps. Dance movements involve one partner moving another almost off the floor as they change directions which sometimes appear to be at random intervals.

The basic step is called the ‘ocho cortado’ and it is traditionally danced to music played by a Troilo orchestra.

Benefits of Dance

The dance itself is reinterpreted today all over the world in dance halls and dance studios. Students of the dance often approach it as a form of dancing yoga or Tai Chi as it is literally a dance that comes from a person’s own energy and feeling.

The dance works for anyone whether they are emotional, creative or even pragmatic. Dancers can approach it as artistic or they can be somewhat technical about their movements along the floor. Dancers learn to use their bodies with their partners in the ultimate expression of individual passion. It is good exercise both for the body and the mind.

The tango dance is done with certain rules of etiquette. Make sure you and your partner dance in the line other dancers are going in which is counter clockwise. On a crowded dance floor, it is bad manners to do any big movements that could hurt another couple by accident.

Tango provides a great form of exercise as well as self-expression. It is ideal for anyone whether they are introverted or not and can be tailored by an individual to their own personality.


How Tango Lessons Changed This 91-Year-Old’s Life

Considering Business Coaching Services

Are You Considering Business Coaching Services?

     If you are the owner and operator of a small to medium sized company, it can be incredibly helpful to have a business coach or mentor that you can consult with when you need to make decisions. You need to be sure, however, that you are working with a professional who is an expert in the field of business coaching.

This guide will assist you in finding the best mentor for you so you can grow and advance your business. You may already know someone who provides these kinds of services, either in your local community or through online forums. However, that is not enough for you to decide to trust this person with your affairs. You will need to research and investigate carefully before you decide who you are going to use. This will help ensure that you get the best advice possible. If you do not know any, then you will need to make a completely fresh list. Otherwise, you can begin adding to it with a search online. Although you can get consulting from someone in another community, this is a service that is often better fulfilled by someone who is geographically close to you. The importance of that will depend in part on the type of business that you have. There are likely many things in your community that influence your business that an outsider may not understand.

You do not want to inadvertently make mistakes that hurt your reputation because you listened to someone who has never even walked the streets in your town.

For instance, there may be an annual event that is very special to the town and the people. When it happens, employers may close early, give employees days off, schedule a lot of overtime hours or a number of other possibilities. An advisor not familiar with how the event influences the psyche of the townsfolk may recommend things that the employees and/or customers will not appreciate.  Another reason that you want business coaching services from someone who is in your area is they will have an additional set of ears regarding potential changes in the community. For instance, they may hear early on about a potential zoning change that will directly impact your expansion plans. The advice based on the upcoming changes can be invaluable.


You need to have more parameters for the job than simply living in the same city! Take a list of four or five business coaches that are in your city and begin to research each of them. You’ll want to know how successful they have been in their own entrepreneurial endeavors and if they have helped others to achieve success. Read several reviews and go beyond the first page of the search engine results to be sure that you are getting a complete picture of each. If you cannot find sufficient information, you should move the person down on your list. If the info that you find is incredibly sparse and contains negative reports, you may want to scratch them entirely from your list.

At this point, you have checked out their websites and general consumer reputation. Ideally, there are at least two businesses or individuals left on the list. Contact each of them to make a consultation appointment. Let them know up front that you are not going to make a decision that day because you have to complete the interviews and compare your notes first. If a person tries to force you to sign anyway, be aware that the aggressive behavior will continue throughout your work together.

During your interview with the business coaches on your list, you will need to see how well you and the person “click” together. Do they understand your vision and your business? Are they aggressive and controlling of the conversation and the business vision? Remember that you will be working closely with this person when making vital business decisions. You need to feel comfortable that you are getting the best advice and yet are free to make your own choices without judgment or berating.

Compare the experiences that you had with each of the coaching consultants and decide which one you want to work with.


Benefits to Business Coaching

Being able to do well in business is not something that comes naturally to most people.

You either will need some kind of business coaching, or you will have to learn through trial and error.  Why risk making a ton of mistakes when it’s easy to get assistance?

Running a business is not that easy. When you look at past bosses you’ve had that were high up in the company or are the owners, it may seem like they don’t do much. However, this is seldom true. Behind the scenes, they usually have greater responsibility or answer to someone in authority. Running and managing a business or someone who is in power are doing quite a bit more than what they  appear to be doing which you may thing is just going around telling everyone what to do. They may have a lot going on or be dealing with various heavy challenges you may be unaware of, however, appear confident and in control. Any appearance of worry or stress they may exhibit could negatively affect staff morale.


Coaching involves developing a close relationship with another business owner in a similar market who has already succeeded at a level you want to reach or it could be more of a personal type of coaching to help to develop solid goals and vision. Don’t assume that you can just be at the top and make this work without getting some advice or assistance from others that have been there before. As soon as you think you know everything in business and that you don’t need any help, you’re in trouble. That’s why it’s valuable to have friends and coaches that are good at what they do in your industry or in others.

A coach needs to have at least been in a business of some kind, and if possible you need them to have done something similar at least to what you are trying to accomplish. A lot of good comes from learning from people with varied backgrounds, but a coach without a similar background won’t be able to answer a lot of your questions. Try getting someone to coach you that you can relate to and make sure that you wait a while until you’ve learned the basics to start branching out and learning from others so you don’t complicate things.


 See if you can attend a few coaching sessions or possibly sample their coaching via YouTube video online. You shouldn’t pay for long-term coaching all up front either. You may come to discover that it’s not a good match or maybe find out they are not worth the investment. Ask if you can pay for one month first, just to try them out, before committing to a longer term.

Business cards are good to bring with you if you’re going to go see a coach in a setting where other business owners may be attending. Building relationships with other business owners that aren’t your direct competition, may provide a wealth of encouragement and learning as well. it may work that you find some new clients as well if they are in a different market or niche. Take the time to develop relationships with people you respect and remember, people you associate with either take you up in life or down, so choose them wisely.


Sometimes it can be helpful for you to coach someone yourself and help someone else succeed. If you think about it, you can get to know a lot more about your business if you become active in helping others by ‘showing them the ropes’. They may even come to you with questions or ideas that you may have never thought of yourself. Many people who operate in this arena of coaching say they come out with a wealth of wisdom as experiences are shared and gathered, these relationships can really make a difference to your success rate.

 Do you want to make sure that you get the most from business coaching? Then you should find someone with the benefits that were talked about here to do business with. Once you can track down a good coach and attend a few courses, you can apply this knowledge and enjoy making smart business changes.